Farmville 2 Harvest Swap – How To Basic Gameplay!


Hey Farmer!

Playing Harvest Swap is fun and simple. Here are some basic game rules.

> How do I make a Match?

To make a Match, you will need to line up a minimum of 3 Crops of the same type in a row. This “harvests” those Crops, earning you points and progress toward your goals.


> How do Level Goals work?


Each level has unique Level Goals required for successful completion. There are four different types of Level Goals.
1. Earn points. Make as many matches and combos as possible to score big!
2. Collect Crops. These levels may require a bit more planning. Your instinct may be to only make matches for the Crops you need, but remember: sometimes making a combo, even with a Crop you don’t need, can end up dropping and Harvesting more Crops you DO need! Also, don’t forget to use your Barrels!
3. Drop special item(s) to the bottom of the board. These special items could be anything, from feed bags that feed your famished flock, to firewood that fans the flames on a freezing farm. Just get each item to the bottom of the board by Harvesting all the Crops below!
4. Remove Hazards. Whether it’s Mud, or Frost, or any number of other threats to your farm, sometimes you’ve just gotta roll up your sleeves and get the job done. If you come across a level that requires you to clear out some hazards, don’t forget: big combos and well-timed power-ups can be your best friend!

> What’s a Harvest Bonus?


After you complete a level, any remaining moves you have become a Harvest Bonus! The Harvest Bonus turns one Crop into a Prized Crop for each move you have left, and all of those Prized Crops explode one by one, earning you massive points!

> I’m stuck on a level and I just can’t seem to beat it. What do I do?

Some levels are designed to be more difficult than others. You may come across one that really challenges you, and requires you to think about the game in a different way. Combos and power-ups are always an option that may help, but if you’re still having trouble, check out our Facebook Fan Page (COMING SOON!) for some helpful tips!

> I beat all the levels. When are more levels coming out?

Soon! The team is working to provide new and exciting levels as fast as possible. Keep an eye on the Facebook Fan Page (COMING SOON!) and the FarmVille: Harvest Swap Twitter account (COMING SOON!) to hear about updates as soon as they’re available!
Harvest Swap Support Team



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