Farmville 2 Heart And Home Quests

Farmville 2 and Zynga have announce the quest and task coming soon into the game called “Heart And Home Quest“..This will be 8 stages quest which includes crafting new recipes and harvesting a limited edition crops.Heart And Home Quest Group expected to be start from Tuesday, January 6, 2015.


Quest Guide & Tips

Quests 1 The sooner Percy’s done with his outdoor chores, the sooner he can come home! You’ll help, won’t you?
Task 1 Task 2 Task 3
crop_general_onion_yellow_icon-501352d8da6359ad443daccc711ecaf1 crop_general_onion_yellow_icon-501352d8da6359ad443daccc711ecaf1 icon_adult_rabbit_easterncottontail-5521d2187945b48b92896c9cdd922e96
Water 20 Yellow Onion Fertilize 10 Yellow Onion Feed 2 Adult Rabbit,
all that wool will help
keep out the cold!
Other Rewards: XP50 xp coins100 coins
Tip: Collect water from your well or water tower and buy Yellow Onion in the makrkeet store.Use super feed to Feed 2 Adult Rabbit.


Quests 2: Let’s see if Percy likes baking muffins as much as he likes eating them!?
Task 1 Task 2 Task 3
icon_adult_chicken_white-4ab5be5383468adc36879ae7478ee1c4 icon_crafting_muffin_cranberry-cf5d8e8a0ddba21fa12b084a04a731d0
Collect 5 Small Apron to get
Percy ready to bake.
Feed 4 Adult Chicken.
Those eggs will come in handy.
Make 3 Cranberry Muffin
Other Rewards: XP90 xp coins200 coins
Tip: Ask your friends to send Small Apron and Use super feed to Feed 4 Adult Chicken.Make 3 Cranberry Muffin in your Crafting Workshop.


Quests 3: Everyone seems to be catching fight fever. Snow fight fever, that is.
Task 1 Task 2 Task 3
icon_questing_farmHand-1 Pickup_Truck icon_mff_jobs_dive-b12750b813285c5a059dbc533defcb19
Use 3 Farm Hand and show off
your Snow Fight Fort.
Perform 10 helpful actions on
Neighbor farms
Have your sweetie or
kid do1 Pearl Diving job.
Other Rewards: XP130 xp coins300 coins
Tip: Click on the hay bales near the road to invite Farm Hands and Click a friend in the Neighbor Bar to visit their Farm.Make sure to make meals for your family at your Picnic Table


Quests 4: I have time on my hands, for once! Time I can spend with Percy and Walter!
Task 1 Task 2 Task 3
icon_questing_toy_car_vintage-186f32ab5e09505632875e787e7ecc24 crop_general_strawberry_generic_icon-78e044dc95709dd21fe89c51d856d1e9 icon_crafting_bag_scented_strawberry-4da0d076ceac44b008a732f42317fb91
Get 5 Vintage Toy Car,
both the men in my life
will love it!
Harvest 20 Strawberry Make 1 Strawberry Scented Bag
to keep the B&B
smelling sweet
Other Rewards: XP170 xp coins400 coins
Tip: Ask your friends to send Vintage Toy Car.Buy Strawberry crop in the makrkeet store.Make 1 Strawberry Scented Bag in your Crafting Workshop.


Quests 5: Good thing I have you and Percy to help me cater to the crowd!
Task 1 Task 2 Task 3
Hen_House crop_general_onion_yellow_icon-501352d8da6359ad443daccc711ecaf1 icon_crafting_onion_yellow_caramelized-4ed21cfbf357de27c5fb1dc3a3943e8b
Tend your Hen House 2 times. Harvest 20 Yellow Onion Make 1 Caramelized
Yellow Onion,
I’m trying something new!
Other Rewards: XP210 xp coins500 coins
Tip: If you don’t have Tend Hen House buy it in the makrkeet store or check your Gift box.Buy Yellow Onion crop in the makrkeet store.Make 1 Caramelized Yellow Onion in your Crafting Workshop.


Quests 6: Simple and tasty. That’s the order of the day! Let’s go!
Task 1 Task 2 Task 3
icon_adult_horse_mustang-a83082ce9ec5558e291530756c0a2f91 crop_general_wheat_generic_icon-5aba9bd7dcc643c3fd773f7c2b117917 icon_crafting_quiche_cheese_egg-75ef16968013c48478eaa83b35c5d8fb
Feed 4 Adult Horse,
horseshoes are lucky, and
who doesn’t need a little luck?
Harvest 20 Wheat,
we use this in a
lot of recipes!
Make 4 Crustless Egg
White Quiche
Other Rewards: XP250 xp coins600 coins
Tip: Use Super Feed to feed animals more quickly.Buy Wheat crop in the makrkeet store.Make 4 Crustless Egg White Quiche in your Crafting Workshop.


Quests 7: I really should have made him a pair of oven mitts! Oh, I hope it doesn’t sting too much!
Task 1 Task 2 Task 3
icon_questing_jar_salve-7a600db8cbc071ecf5a52abaeed8f5c0 tree_general_orange_navel_icon-e41e84bac007ac74795be02e9aece631 icon_questing_boat_fishing-8b117e1cb3ad5a2cc3d909059235535c
Collect 5 Salve Jar,
for poor Percy’s fingers.
Harvest 4 Orange Tree Go Fishing 5 times.
Other Rewards: XP290 xp coins700 coins
Tip: Ask your friends to send Salve Jar and Fertilize your Orange Tree to get more fruit!You can fish from your Fishing Boat.


Quests 8: We’ll need a few basic ingredients to turn out some top-notch crafts!
Task 1 Task 2 Task 3
bldg_general_sheepshack_generic_t1_icon-9e9b206536977baf97a0509a7044a0fe icon_adult_horse_mustang-a83082ce9ec5558e291530756c0a2f91 icon_crafting_mirror_hand_wood-13ab65abe73dfe6ffb7ed7fce1fa1314
Tend your Sheep Shack
2 times.
Feed 4 Adult Horse, horseshoes
sure come in handy.
Make 2 Hand Mirror
for our B&B guests.
Other Rewards: XP330 xp coins800 coins
Tip: If you don’t have Sheep Shack, buy it in the makrkeet store or check your Gift box.Use Super Feed to feed 4 Adult Horse..Craft 2 Hand Mirror in your Crafting Workshop.



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