Farmville 2 Increase Storage Capacity of Chicken Coop

Farmville 2 have decide to increase chiken coop capacity and  allow you to store more hens.This double storage capacity is just free.Go to upgrade your chiken coop now and storage now and make more free space in your farm and store more animals..Finally zynga listen us and introduce more chiken coop storage capacity.They understand that there is not enough storage capacity for store animals in the game..

Below we show you the exlclusive images of this update.

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This update will be start today and the good news is that it will be arriving without mission and task.You can only see pop-up message to warn us that we can store more chikens.

Read below some phrases taken directly from zynga..

  • “Stores 18 hens winning to accommodate more animals. “
  • “We really like our players. You can now store 18 chickens in your henhouse winning and thus accommodate more animals. “
  • “Stores twice winning free hens”

With the arrival of this new you can also discover new recipes with very profitable brown eggs being announced.

Recipes-Chicken-Coop“Prepare the new highly profitable revenue for brown eggs. “

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