FarmVille 2 Information for new Water Expansion

Farmville 2 player have so less space in their farms becouse land expension packages are much expensive.But do not worry about expension.We find some new information about water land expension.This is big upcoming update from zynga and thier developers..Farmville 2 space is big problem becouse you have so many pets,animals,plots for crops and also need space for trees but do not worry,soon players will get land expension packages on very cheeper rate and players will be able to place more pets and animals in their space will help to farmers to make more plots and plant more crops and place diffrent trees..Placing quest reward is also big issue due to less space in farm.after finish every quest players will unlock many diffrent rewards like decorations,building and animals but again no space to place these items..So the designers of the game already made a mistake so they are recovering it from the water to fill the river and make it as land.


 Here’s everything you need to know about these new expansions:

  • The new expensin available after level 15
  • The new aquatic expansion will ONLY available to those players who have unlocked the field Camarillo!
  • “Get off the field to Camarillo to cultivate the near the River when it will appear, your site now and be the first of your friends to reach the river. Take a step ahead of the expansion Creek bison. “


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