FarmVille 2 Integrate Fire Brigade and FireFighters is Here

FarmVille 2 Integrate Fire Brigade and FireFighters is Here

Farmville 2 have grate news to all of you.As we have announced before the new mission coming soon in the game and you will win more reward and get more revenue..This is time to arrive something new in the game.You need to fight with forest fire and have to live in high temperature and in have fight fighter whoes name is Gus and he will help you to fight with forest fire and high temperature..

He need a lot of water to finish this task so Keep some stock of water if you are out of stock…Get 30 Free water here:


Fire fighters 1 of 8 – Fire at will:

I’m trying to form a volunteer fire brigade and I could use your help.

  • Performs actions in five farms your neighbours and invite them to the meeting
  • Interviews two wells to assure you that we do not lack water
  • 8 Spruce waters for shade or delicious fruit

Fire fighters 2 of 8 – head first:

The equipment is very important for a fire fighter. We do not skimp on safety!

  • Gets 5 fire fighter helmets to protect all volunteer fire fighters
  • 25 harvest passion fruit as I like to say passion
  • Prepare two jams passion fruit because everyone loves it

Fire fighters 3 of 8 – Gone!

  • 25 wheat harvest to use in the kitchen
  • 6 hens fed to collect fresh eggs
  • Prepare three pies choice for our volunteers

Fire fighters 4 of 8 – The raunchy outfits

We must take care of each other, but fire fighters take care of everyone.

  • Gets 5 Fire held to equip volunteers
  • Fed four horses as once it was them that pulled the fire wagons
  • Manufactures three glass flowers for a hot fire fighter equipment

Firefighters 5 of 8 – Good fortune

Everyone needs luck, but firefighters more than anyone.

  • 6 rabbits fed because they are said to bring good luck
  • 6 sheep fed to retrieve wool
  • Factory 2 pendants chance to bring us luck

Firefighters 6 of 8

This is cleaning the soot that volunteer firefighters stay fit.

  • 6 fed goats because the firehouse needs a mascot
  • 4 olive harvest for making olive oil
  • Factory 1 soap that firefighters remain clean

Firefighters 7 of 8 – Full boots

  • Gets 5 Fire boots to prevent the fire from getting hurt
  • Harvest 20 strawberries for even more caution
  • Factory 1 candy strawberry because the heat may make the boots a little nauseous

Firefighters 8 of 8 – Gus the fire fighter

I’ll make sure they are working properly … with your help, of course!

  • Interviews 3 times your oven to test the strength of your material heat
  • Prepare 12 recipes in your furnace to continue your testing heat resistance
  • Factory 3 bells for all fire stations in need



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