FarmVille 2 Learn How To Get Horse and Stable In Week 2

FarmVille 2 Learn How To Get Horse and Stable In Week 2

Week 2 is start and this is horse week in farmville 2. Get free Horse stable in week 2..farmville 2 introduce the complete information and guide of the missionsof the week 2 called horse month.!!Yesterday morning we build the box and enter the missions of the week 2 of horse month! We will not wait to discover the details of the tasks of the Week # 2.


Horse Month, Week 2: 1 out of 4 – In life, do not get … iron:

A well-shod horse is a happy horse. Take good care of his hooves, he will thank you.

  • Retrieves know for horse hooves shine
  • Preparing oat cakes to restore before you make new irons
  • Uses press irons to make new horseshoes

Horse Month, Week 2: 2 out of 4 – At the trot

Cast forth these irons for our horse is resplendent.

  • Manufactures fur throws to make them shine
  • Feed your horse to show them all your love
  • Performs actions in neighboring farms while the horse hooves admire

These missions once again be fast enough to achieve and should not pose a problem for anyone

Horse Month, Week 2: 3 out of 4 – Chandelier and pleasure

Cleans the floor of the stall for horseshoes our animal remain clean and tidy.

  • Manufactures fertilizer rakes to clean the stall
  • Use your tank to clean fertilizer in every corner
  • Harvest plots of sunflowers to make room for your horses

Horse Month, Week 2: 4 out of 4 – Control of metal

Make good use of your metal by making a nice brush for horses.

  • Manufactures metal plates from irons excess horse
  • Makes a brush for horses
  • Use your stove to save energy


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