Farmville 2 Learn how to get mandarin duck

Farmville 2 have added another mission in the game setting.We will unlock special mandarin duck after finish this mission..Farmers need to make a logging camp and clear the logs that log in the reiver will help us to attract duck in our farm..Check below for complete mission and task.This is total 4 week mission..

Farmers need to finish 4 mission per week and there will be total 4 week mission and after you will get free duck..Below we share 1st week tasks of the share this post with your friends if you find the post helpful.


The dam of logs on the Palouse River 1 of 16 – Dam defeat

To get rid of all this dead wood, you will have the whole village gives us a hand. Prepares meals and then talk to your neighbors.

  1. 8 apple harvest to prepare pies
  2. 1 Prepare apple pie for your neighbors
  3. Makes 30 times a hand in the neighboring farms and talking about it to clear the dead wood.

The dam of logs on the Palouse River 2 of 16 – Axe to menu

Train chopping wood getting axes and felling some trees.

  1. Gets 5-axis lumberjack lead you to the slaughter
  2. Harvest trees 5 to familiarize yourself with the handling of the ax
  3. Creates two timber

The dam of logs on the Palouse River 3 of 16 – The wet feet

When you find yourself facing a forest issues, prepares recipes from aquatic cultures. Fed people who exude all the driftwood.

  1. Cranberry harvest 20 to prepare cranberry juice
  2. 2 Prepare rice porridge for those who emerge deadwood
  3. Prepare two sparkling cranberry juice with fresh cranberries

The dam of logs on the Palouse River 4 of 16 – slow Sugars

Before starting to work, everyone needs to refuel with carbohydrate portions of rice pudding.

  1. 4 harvest trees to get nuts
  2. 3 Prepare rice pudding with rice
  3. Factory 1 green plate for serving rice pudding




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