Farmville 2 Limited Edition Late Fall Festival Recipe

Here are the lists and information regarding with the Farmville 2 Late Fall Festival recipes. The following recipes will be coming this late November and it will only be available for a period of time.

Farmville 2 Late Falle Recipe lists

Barbados Cherry Sauce. Barbados Cherry Sauce = Barbados Cherry x8, European Rowan Berry x8

Asian Pear Turnover. Asian Pear Turnover = Olympic Asian Pear x6, Flour x2

Asian Pear Lemonade. Asian Pear Lemonade = Olympic Asian Pear x10, Lemonade x1

Barbados Cherry Milkshake. Barbados Cherry Milkshake = Barbados Cherry x10, Milk x8

Asian Pear Cake. Asian Pear Cake = Olympic Asian Pear x8, Batter x2

Barbados Cherry Cupcake. Barbados Cherry Cupcake = Barbados Cherry x10, Flour x3

Purple Majesty Potato Gnocchi. Purple Majesty Potato Gnocchi = Purple Majesty Potato x8, Flour x2

Purple Majesty Potato Salad. Purple Majesty Potato Salad = Purple Majesty Potato x12, Egg x8

Purple Majesty Potato Chips. Purple Majesty Potato Chips = Purple Majesty Potato x10, Salt x4

Autumn Leaf Plate. Autumn Leaf Plate = Porcelain x2, Terracotta x1

Ceramic Pumpkin. Ceramic Pumpkin = Orange Clay x3, Pumpkin x8

Porcelain Owl. Porcelain Owl = Porcelain x2, Pottery Slip x2
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