Farmville 2 “Mad About Mini” 1st Week, Quest Guide!

Farmville 2 “Mad About Mini1st Week, Quest Guide is now available in the game.for more detail check below guide.Do share this post with ur friends if you find the post helpful!


Mad About Mini Task: 1
  1. Gather 30 Water
  2. Water 15 Eggplants
  3. Harvest 5 Apple Trees

Mad About Mini Task: 2
  1. Collect 5 Grass Bundles
  2. Feed 4 Adult Cows
  3. Make 13 Orange Cupcakes

Mad About Mini Task: 3
  1. Make 13 Produce Totes
  2. Raise 1 Baby Pig
  3. Make 2 Mini Cow Signs

Bonus Quest:

The Mini Challenge: 1
  1. Collect 9 Grass Bundles
  2. Raise 2 Baby Pugs
  3. Perform 100 Neighbor actions



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