Farmville 2 “Mad About Mini” 2nd Week, Quest Guide!

Farmville 2 “Mad About Mini2nd Week, Quest Guide is now available in the game.for more detail check below guide.Do share this post with ur friends if you find the post helpful!

Mad About Mini 2nd Week Cover

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Mad About Mini 2nd Week

Week 2 Phase of the Mini Cow Corral:


Week 2 Reward: Mini Bouncy Castle
Bonus Quest 2 Reward: 10 Salt


Week 2:


Mad About Mini Quests: 5-16

Quest Tasks:
  1. Make 11 Strawberry Lemonade
  2. Use 5 Farm Hands
  3. Make 8 Leather Puches


Reward: 5 Power

Mad About Mini 2nd Week rew. 5-16



Mad About Mini Quests: 6-16

Quest Tasks:
  1. Collect 5 Health Certificates
  2. Fertilize 20 Wheat
  3. Make 13 Apple Fillings


Reward: 500 Coins

Mad About Mini 2nd Week rew. 6-16



Mad About Mini Quests: 7-16

Quest Tasks:
  1. Complete 1 Mini Mineral Lick
  2. Raise 1 Baby Cow
  3. Make 5 Warm Sweetened Milk


Reward: 5 Power

Mad About Mini 2nd Week rew. 7-16



Mad About Mini Quests: 8-16

Quest Tasks:
  1. Tend your Cow Shed 2 times
  2. Make 11 Rice Puddings
  3. Make 2 Blue Wool Bolts


Reward: 200 XP


The Mini Challenge Quests

Week 1 Bonus Quest:

Quest Tasks:
  1. Make 8 Leather Pouches
  2. Raise 2 Baby Cows
  3. Feed 30 Adult Horses


Reward: 10 Salt

The Mini Challenge rew. 2-4



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