Farmville 2 “Mad About Mini” 3rd Week, Quest Guide!

Farmville 2 “Mad About Mini3rd Week, Quest Guide “Nice Work” is now available in the game.for more detail check below guide.Do share this post with ur friends if you find the post helpful!


Quest Stoty: Minis are coming to the Livestock Fair and Gus needs your help! Assist Gus with setting up a meet and greet at the Livestock Fair by completing his tasks. Complete all four stages and get the exclusive baby Mini Longhorn Cow!

To get some exclusive prize you will need to finish Mad about Mini Quest Guide.Currently we are working on 1st 2nd and 3rd week quest and 4th week quest coming next week..

Each Mad Mini Quest have total 4 part and each part have 1 bonus challenge quest.You will get one excusive reward after finish each part of the Mad mini quest.


Main Page:


Week 3:


Mad About Mini Quests: 9-16

There’s Something About Mini:

As a mini-person, I know all about mini things! Here’s a checklist of things we can help with for the MiniCorral.

Quests Task 1:

  • Perform 30 helpful actions on Neighbor farms.
  • Pig pensTend your Pig Pen 2 times.
  • Make 3 Lasso.



Reward: Power



Mad About Mini Quests: 10-16

Better With Buttons

As the spokesperson for all things mini, I know that other mini humans like buttons to show where they’ve been!

Quest Tasks 2:

  • Collect 5 Mini Cow Button for the little visitors to wear.
  • Harvest 30 Pumpkin.
  • Make 5 Mini Cowbell for the mini animals.


Reward: Coins



Mad About Mini Quests: 11-16

Taster Tots:

Grownups think they know what kids like to snack on at Meet and Greets, but between you and me, I think we can do better.

Quest Tasks 3:

  • Complete 1 Building.
  • Make 4 Orange Cupcake.
  • Make  4 Animal Cracker.


Reward: Power



Mad About Mini Quests: 12-16

A Case of the Nerves:

Mayor Marie is letting me man the gate at the Meet and Greet! I’m kinda nervous. It’s a lot of responsibility!
Quest Tasks 4:
  • Tend your Rabbit Warren 2 times.
  • Harvest 5 Heirloom Pecan Tree.
  • Make 3 Glass Good Luck Charm. Can’t have too much luck!


Reward: XP


The Mini Challenge Quests Week 3

Note: After finish above 4 quest parts now u can can start Bonus Quest if you are playing at level 20 or above. A good chance to get q exclusive rewards from bonus quest..Bonus quest is only available if u finish all week quests before expires

Mum Is The Word:

Psst! I want to go play with the Mini Cow, but my mum insists I finish these really difficult chores first! Help!
Quest Tasks 3:
  • Make 8 Rice Pudding for the visitors.
  • Make 15 Mini Cow Sign to let everyone know where to go.
  • Complete 10 Orders for Mr. Cornelius!


Reward: 10 Sugar



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