Farmville 2: Month of horses &Weekly Task List

Farmville 2: Month of horses &Weekly Task List

Stables-topic & Matching the stables theme  is coming soon..the month of the horses.”heralded this divided into a number of new activities related to horses. All the task and weeks are distribute.Tasks are distribute in each 4 weeks..Same time when the pig season..We have share full task list for your help so please read full task and prepared fully..The information can be change any time before official released.Share this post.

month of horses

New items and recipes

Read full task list below.

Month of horses  /  Week 1

Task 1

Harvest 5 Apple Trees
Fütter 12 adult goats
Own 2 “Aqua Mortis” fountains
Task II
Collect 5 swatters
Feather Duster 2 location ago
Make use of 10 farm workers
Task III
Point 2 Bouquets of orange yarn ago
Point 2 horses saddle ago
20x corn harvest
Task IV
Place 4x Strawberry Lemonade ago
Harvest 20 Sunflowers
Fütter 3 adult sheep

Task ListMonth of horses – Week 2
Task I
Collect 7x horse soap
Jaw 7x oatcakes
Not yet known
Task II
Point 2 soft fur Throws ago
Fütter 8 horses
Help out on neighbor’s farms 40 times
Task III
3 point rake ago
Take care to 2x the fertilizer container
Harvest 20 Sunflowers
Task IV
Point 4 metal plates ago
Hire a horse-Scrubber ago
Take care to 2x the blast furnace
Month of horses – Week 3
Task I
Collect 7x bridle
Place 4x bread with swiss cheese fro
Not yet known
Task II
Place a vitamin mix for the horses here
Create 50x feed
2x irrigated grove
Task III
Place a salt lick ago
Take care of 2x to the goat pen
Take care to 2x the yogurt dairy
Task IV
Point 6 goats cheese tartlet ago
Point 4 fences ago
Not yet known
Month of horses – Week 4
Task I
Collect 7 stirrup
Point 2 Dreamcatcher Fur ago
Not yet known
Task II
Not yet known
Harvest of 6 fig trees
Harvest 15 Strawberries
Task III
Place a pair of riding boots ago
Fütter 7 adult chickens
Take care of once around the mud puddle
Task IV
Harvest 20 Tomatoes
Fütter 3 adult pigs
Visits 8 neighbors

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