Farmville 2 Mountain Oasis Expansion

Guess what guys, there will be a new farm extension and it will be called Farmville 2 Mountain Oasis Expansion. This maybe one of the major update that will be applied in game next. along with the 6 new farm extension it will also include a new member of your family. Yes you will have kids. Plus two new job that your partner can learn. Read all the information here:


The new loading image for the upcoming patch Mountain Oasis where it will feature new 6 farm extension. You will also notice that the there’s a baby in this picture. Well it because the the new patch will also include the addition of your new family member. It will also learn to help in your farm.

Now look at below some of the teaser image for the Mountain Oasis farm extension.

We also have here some of the new decorations that will be released along with this new Farmville 2 update:

 Family Kite  Family Seesaw  Family Jungle Gym  Yellow Flower Patch
 Family Quilt  Family Hammock  Family Reading Nook  Family Tire Swing




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