Farmville 2: need you to make at least one of these items in your game!


Using the Wall-Einsammlers it is possible his success and material requests to share with otherplayers and myself to accept that.

So you can save a lot of time, because the whiteboard collector collects your successes in thedatabase and makes it available to other players. Once someone clicks on your success else, you will automatically receive a gift of this player. In addition, you can also accept successes of other players.

Collect Free Material

We have you listed all of our main links in this article. You have to just click on the graphic and log into the game. After that you will only see the desired results. It may well be that some successes are quickly “sold out” and then comes the message “The early bird ..”. Then tries again later. Have fun! PS: If you often use the Wall-collector, a bookmark for this post should create

FarmVille 2 Free 3 Water FarmVille 2 Free 2x Power FarmVille 2 Free Salt
FarmVille 2 Free Water FarmVille 2 Free Fertilizer FarmVille 2 Free Feed

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