Farmville 2 New Recipes for the Ostrich Theme!

Farmville 2 and zynga have added new animals in game called Ostrich Theme.Also there will be new release come in next week like the Ostrich Egg and Ostrich Plume.These both items can be harvested from adult and prized Ostrich. We can use and craft these items in the craft shop and Workshop and Crafting Kiln.


Bucket of Plaster


Bucket of Plaster = Plaster Powder x1 + Water x4

Plume Hair Combo


Plume Hair Combo = Ostrich Plume x1 + Metal Sheets x1
Plume Fan
Plume Fan = Ostrich Plume x3 + Ostrich Plume x3
Down Jacket
Down Jacket = Ostrich Plume x4 + Leather x2
Plume Necklace
Plume Necklace = Ostrich Plume x4 + Chain Link x3
Spackling Paste
Spackling Paste = Bucket of Plaster x1 + Construction Paste x2
Down Pillow
Down Pillow = Ostrich Plume x5 + Wool Bolt x2
Plaster Powder
Plaster Powder = Ostrich Egg x3 + Ostrich Egg x3
Doll Body
Doll Body = Doll Fabric x1 + Rope x4
Doll Fabric
Doll Fabric = Wool x5 + Fine Wool x2
Gus Doll
Gus Dool = Dolly Body x1 + Green Plaid Shirt x4
Crafting Klin:
Eggshell Bowl
Eggshell Bowl = Ostrich Egg x1 + Porcelain x3
Blue Egg
Blue Egg = Ostrich Egg x1 + Blue Glaze x3
Jeweled Egg
Jeweled Egg = Blue Egg x1 + Bag of Gold Dust x2



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