Farmville 2 “New Year Party” Quest Guide and Tips!

Farmville 2 and Zynga have announce the quest and task coming soon into the game called “New Year Party Quest“..This will be 8 stages quest and will have many diffrent task and rewards.Along with new year quest you will be able to build New Yaer Party Booth.”New Beginnings Quest Group expected to be start from” 30th December 2014 to 13th January 2015


Quest Guide & Tips

Quests 1 First Things First! There’s so much going on at this time of year, I hardly know where to begin!
Task 1 Task 2 Task 3
crop_general_wheat_generic_icon-5aba9bd7dcc643c3fd773f7c2b117917 (1) crop_water_hawthorn_water_icon-7330623cf37c887a25d8ae730f1d3052 icon_adult_cow_jersey-b13ba8c37d0454b8f2f0b2ae028f6d02
Water 10 Wheat Fertilize 10 Water Hawthorn Feed 2 Adult Cow.
Other Rewards: XP30 xp coins300 coins
Tip: Collect water from your well or water tower and buy Water Hawthorn crop in the makrkeet store.Use super feed to Feed 2 Adult Cow.


Quests 2: EARLY TO BED! Just think of it! Soon I’ll be tucking Percy in and reading him bedtime stories! But he’ll need a bed first, of course.
Task 1 Task 2 Task 3
crop_general_wheat_generic_icon-5aba9bd7dcc643c3fd773f7c2b117917 (1) icon_crafting_teddybear_wool-c6349df00414fbd9cbe271715f6d6d5a
Get 5 Percy’s Bedding Harvest 10 Wheat for later. Make 3 Wool Teddy Bear
Other Rewards: XP30 xp coins300 coins
Tip: Ask your friends to send Bedding and Buy Wheat crop in the makrkeet store.Make 3 Wool Teddy Bear in your Crafting Workshop.


Quests 3: THE DOCTOR’S AWAY! Fresh air and sunshine. That’s what Percy needs. But what about some fresh fruit and sunshine?
Task 1 Task 2 Task 3
tree_general_apple_macintosh_doober-865b1e054dc64cfb56e3930b2b08ff45 icon_waterDrop-4a5c3f343859024f54115bb1a1d5766b icon_crafting_appleScones-a20ff5069aeaea5e47ceff3ec18a92b3
Harvest 2 Apple Tree Gather 30 Water Make 3 Apple Scone
Other Rewards: XP40 xp coins400 coins
Tip: Buy Apple Tree in the makrkeet store.Harvest wells or water tower for water and you can unlock water tower after reach at level 150..Make 3 Apple Scone in your Crafting Kitchen.


Quests 4: A GUIDING LIGHT! I’m going to try out a few new recipes for Percy. Could you see if his room is missing anything?
Task 1 Task 2 Task 3
icon_questing_lamp_bedside-2575a63c877de2a218f726247752e9d1 crop_water_hawthorn_water_icon-7330623cf37c887a25d8ae730f1d3052 icon_crafting_wreath_water_hawthorn-97b4b798e25f53fe0463afb64c88def7
Get 5 Bedside Lamp Harvest 15 Water Hawthorn Make 3 Water Hawthorn Wreath to brighten up Percy’s bedroom.
Other Rewards: XP45 xp coins450 coins
Tip: Ask your friends to send Bedside Lamp.Buy Water Hawthorn crop in the makrkeet store.Make 3 Water Hawthorn Wreath in your Crafting Workshop.


Quests 5: A CLEAN SLATE! While I pick up some new clothes for Percy, can you see to the little things?
Task 1 Task 2 Task 3
bldg_general_sheepshack_generic_t1_icon-4403135064dcdf8f932219c6ab763f09 crop_general_blueberry_generic_icon-32bde01985ef847154a911598c27ab2b icon_crafting_handkerchief_blue-cf8c3270bfd157038eeb54c24afa1247
Tend Sheep Shack 2 times Harvest 20 Blueberry Make 2 Blue Handkerchief
Other Rewards: XP50 xp coins500 coins
Tip: If you don’t have Tend Sheep Shack buy it in the makrkeet store or check your Gift box.Buy Blueberry crop in the makrkeet store.Make 2 Blue Handkerchief in your Crafting Workshop.


Quests 6: PIE HIGH! Of course it’s important to eat your veggies, but a treat every now and then can’t hurt.
Task 1 Task 2 Task 3
bldg_general_henhouse_generic_t1_icon-6c11e4dd7b4d9552ef44429438f734da crop_general_pumpkin_generic_icon-c51b204757a964b6c2b63c794e362214 Icon_crafting_pumpkinPie-bab119c73f06d78d5f1752ca641cd80c
Tend your Hen House 2 times Harvest 20 Pumpkin Make 3 Pumpkin Pie
Other Rewards: XP70 xp coins700 coins
Tip: If you don’t have Hen House, buy it in the makrkeet store or check your Gift box.Buy Pumpkin crop in the makrkeet store.Make 3 Pumpkin Pie in your Crafting Workshop.


Quests 7: ON THE RIGHT FOOT! Every little boy needs a sturdy pair of shoes to run and play in.
Task 1 Task 2 Task 3
icon_questing_shoes_running-3fde4251797b75505b6099c9c9a3acf4 bldg_general_fertilizer_station_icon-b230a1810078671790926e054459914a icon_crafting_horseshoe-b2ed545aba832598ec19521a4c85198b
Get 5 Pair of Running Shoes Tend your Fertilizer Bin 2 times to get more Fertilizer. Gather 8 Horseshoe for luck
Other Rewards: XP90 xp coins900 coins
Tip: Ask your friends to send Running Shoes and If you don’t have  Fertilizer Bin already, buy it in the makrkeet store or check your Gift box.Feed your Adult Horses to get Horseshoe.


Quests 8: MOTHER’S NATURE! I seem to have everything on my checklist. Well, almost everything!
Task 1 Task 2 Task 3
bldg_general_rabbit_warren_t1_icon-cc3a28dd82e9cf52a885fb2e0e4e61aa tree_general_pine_loblolly_icon-266fdcdb12d6237db276e349866938a6 icon_crafting_soap_plain-d033af50dcea894a3e17a08f9fe06ba7
Tend your Rabbit Warren 2 times Harvest 3 Pine Tree Make 2 Plain Soap to keep Percy squeaky clean
Other Rewards: XP120 xp coins1100 coins
Tip: If you don’t have Rabbit Warren, buy it in the makrkeet store or check your Gift box.Pine Tree in the makrkeet store.Craft Plain Soap in your Crafting Workshop.



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