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Foe-rry Friends Event in Farmville 2 On Zynga

What’s better than getting a Yak in Farmville 2 On Zynga? Getting a Yak and a Chicken! Finish following 2 missions and tasks to get these beautiful animals “Yak and Chicken” Farmville 2 On Zynga.

Mission & Task

  • Yak Play Area’s Chicken
  • Yak tasks

The “Foe-rry Friends” popup will be appear if you are at level 15 or higher Farmville 2 On Zynga. To get start this feature simply click on the “Place Yak Play Area” button:




Following materials you need to collect in order to complete your Yak Play Area Farmville 2 On Zynga.


Foe-rry Friends - FarmVille 2


Also you can ask help from your friends to complete the building!


Foe-rry Friends - FarmVille 2


You must need to complete 3 diffrent tasks in order to claim each animal. For win the Yak you need to complete the following task Farmville 2 On Zynga.


Foe-rry Friends - FarmVille 2


Complete following 3 task:

  1. Finish building your Yak Play Area.
  2. Finish Quests from the Yak Shaving line of Quests (Completing Quests that aren’t included in the ‘Yak Shaving Quests’ won’t be counted)..
  3. In the last Knitted Horn Covers can be crafted from the Crafting Workshop.


Foe-rry Friends - FarmVille 2


Complete all above tasks to win the Yak!


Foe-rry Friends - FarmVille 2


In order to train the Chicken and adopt it Farmville 2 on zynga, click on the “Train the Chicken” button in order to switch to the next set of tasks.


Foe-rry Friends - FarmVille 2


Note: you can toggle between the two to buttons anytime to complete tasks to your preference.

You need to do following task For the Chicken:


Foe-rry Friends - FarmVille 2


All three items can be crafted from the Crafting Workshop Farmville 2 on zynga. Here are the items needed for the Chicken Harness:


Foe-rry Friends - FarmVille 2


For the Twine Friendship Band:


Foe-rry Friends - FarmVille 2


And lastly, for the Chicken Treat Ball:


Foe-rry Friends - FarmVille 2


Once you have complete the above tasks, then you can adopt the Chicken!


Foe-rry Friends - FarmVille 2


Now let’s head on over to our farms to get started on those tasks that will get us a magnificent Yak and a well-trained Chicken Farmvillle 2 on Zynga!

We hope you enjoy our latest release Farmville 2 on Zynga and we would love your feedback. Share your feedback below.



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