Farmville 2 Otter Derby Official Guide

Otter Derby!

Can you guess which whimsical animal can handle this snowy cold and race as well? Otter! Their fur keeps them really comfortable and they are really cute when running about as well. Now let’s host enough races and get a Baby Dorset Sheep and other cool rewards!


If you are level 15, the “Racing Just Got Otter!” popup will appear. Click on the “Build Starting Gate!” button to get started:



Collect all the building materials in order to complete the gate:

Otter Derby - FarmVille 2


Then, invite your friends or hire crews to be your builders:

Otter Derby - FarmVille 2


Before starting the race, make sure to have at least 5 Adult Otters on your Farm. The more Otters you have, the more chances of winning the Jumbo Jackpot! Next is to feed your Otters. Once you’ve reached the number of feedings required, you can invite your Friends to watch the race! And now it’s time to pick your winner by clicking the “Pick a Winner!” button.

Otter Derby - FarmVille2


Choose the Otter that you think will win by clicking the “Select” button and start the race by clicking the “Start Race!” button:

Otter Derby - FarmVille2


You can win bushels of coins and a flag for every race. After 5 races, you will win the Baby Dorset Sheep!

Otter Derby - FarmVille2

So have fun playing this exciting Otter Derby! Don’t forget to share your rewards!



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