FarmVille 2 Press Horseshoe

FarmVille 2 Press Horseshoe


FarmVille 2 Press Horseshoe building as a new quest and coming soon to our farms..Start to build Press Horse Shoes as new quests and you will start working on quest task..Check below full guide of how to build the press horseshoes!You just need a liitle more wait to arrive the new quest of the month of horses..

Hey Fans! and Farmers we need to give sugession or idea to zynga to make more resourses in the game.Comment below and share your ideas.Thank You!

Task (Mission)  1:

Place the press irons in your farm.

Fed two adult horses for horseshoes.

Harvest 25 plots of blueberries for a snack.

Task (Mission) 2:
Gets 5 rules for filing on the floor and allow us to discreetly measure feet Barbara.
Sheep fed three adults so they do not eat all the rules.
Factory 1 tote to carry the rules.

Task (Mission) 3:

4 for harvesting citrus lemons on hand.

Harvest 25 plots of sweet watermelon to refresh you.

8 Prepare the watermelon lemonade.

Task (Mission) 4:

Gets 5 bags of plaster to take the impression of Barbara.

Fed four adults to get the mud and take an imprint pigs.

Factory 5 slip pottery pots for the plan to be perfect.

Task (Mission) 5:

Uses 2 times your wheel for wool.

Draw water in four wells to help me clean all the mud.

Factory 2 blue handkerchiefs to clean in every corner.

Task (Mission) 6:

Uses 4 times the press irons explain its operation.

Harvest 15 parcels of red strawberries.

Factory 2 time red wool to tie around the shoebox.

Task (Mission) 7:

Gets 5 boxes fancy shoes Barbara.

Manufactures two small mirrors that Barbara could admire her new shoes.

2 Prepare angel food cake, just for fun.

Task (Mission) 8:

Fed four adults they are not jealous of horses cows.

4 adult horses fed to retrieve horseshoes.

Uses 8 times the press irons for practice.


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