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Farmville 2 Store All your Prize Horses In Stable

Farmville 2 have announce another good news about Horse Stable.Soon we will have horse stable and we need to build it.Farmers can store all prize horses in the stable and save some more space.Players requirement is land expension or horse stable becouse land is big prblem in the game..But you don’t need to wait anymore becouse hose stable is comming soon or mybe in this week.Horses is soo much popular in Farmville 2.Train your horses and exchange or sell them in the markeet..

Note: The developers of farmville 2 have heard our many calls and finnaly we go to the quest and task this week to build horse stable and store our horses.


After Build a team you can store nine horses and save 50% of food when we feed them.To build stable you required 10 blue wood + 10 horse posts + 10 horses feeds.


We can then feed horses to earn great rewards. We can follow our progress on a clipboard.

  • Make your Horses happy to win prizes!
  • “Feed the horses to score points. Follow your progress on the equestrian inkstand . “
  • Tip: Feeding the winning horses are worth 2 times more points than feeding adult horses.

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