Farmville 2: The Horse Stables Coming Soon

Farmville 2: The Stables Coming Soon

Horse Stable

We have good new for all players.Farmville 2 Horse stable coming soon into the game and also in your farm..We will store all our horses in hose stable.Below you see Riding shoes, horse vitamins, horse feeds and some other crafting items.These all items are available into your farm after few days.We share quest task list below.If you finish all the quest task so you will get free beautifull horse for decorate your farm.The horse stable will help you to make some space in your farm.Get ready for horse stable.Read full post and share with friends.

Check below items for craft shop and some decorations.

items for craft shop items for craft shop1 items for craft shop2 items for craft shop3 items for craft shop4

You will win this horse after finish the quest.

month of horses

Task I

Place the horse stable on
Fütter 2 adult horses
Harvest 10x Tuscan cabbage
Task II

Collect 5 horse saddle
Fütter 4 adult rabbits
Take care of once around the rabbit shelter
Task III

Fütter 3 adult sheep
Take care of once around the sheepfold
Place a Teddy-Bear ago
Task IV

Collect 5 pots with hot water
Collect 3 wells of a
Pour 8 trees
Task V

Harvest 15 Sunflowers
Fütter 4 adult horses
Point 2 Fur Throws ago
Task VI

Harvesting onions 25
Take care of once around the sheepfold
Place a mat in a zigzag pattern ago
Task VII

Collect a pile of hay 5
4 Harvest Lemon Trees
Beer-earth point four sodas ago

Harvesting of pine 4
4 harvest olive trees
Body soap 2x ago

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