Farmville 2: The Lantern Festival and Task List

The first Monday this year is half over already. To the new year to celebrate once again there will be strong on our farm soon a Lantern Festival.

With many new items and lots of new animals, as well as eight new tasks the new adventure starts next Tuesday the 21.01.2014. We have you ever gives a look “behind the scenes” and show you what to expect. Who wants to be well prepared for the tasks ahead, can already take a look here. But do not forget that the tasks are still unpublished and may change until the release date. If you like the coming issue, we would appreciate a LIKE from you

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The red envelopes can be redeemed for great prizes. A concept very well known by Zynga. At 100 red envelopes there is a Buckskin Mini Horse for free! Click on the graphic to enlarge it.

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task I

Place lantern stand on your farm
Harvest 10 Winter Melons
Feed 2 adult goats

task II
Collect 5 Lantern Festival Candies
Harvest 12 bulbs
Point 2x Onion Soup ago

task III
Harvest 4 apple trees
Take care 2x around a fountain
Jaw 2x apple rolls

task IV
Collect 5x fireworks
Harvest 12 Winter Melons
Point 1x winter melon soup ago

task V
Take care of 2x to the rabbit hole
20 harvest blueberries
Office 10 blue handkerchiefs ago

task VI
Take care of 2x to the chicken coop
20x harvest wheat
Point 2 angel cake ago

task VII
Collect 5 Lantern umbrellas
Take care of 2x to the fertilizer container
Collect 20x wood

task VIII
Take care of 2x to the Pigsty
Crop of 8 orange trees
Point 3 clay pots decorated ago

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