Farmville 2: The Milk Cream Separator + Task List

And again there is a new topic in the wings! This time we build a milk-cream separator on our farm and make a lot of new great stuff here.

When we made ​​our task even we get paid the Rocky Mountain Goat! That sounds like a lot of fun, do not you think? The new theme comes with 8 new tasks and many new items. The tasks can be found at the bottom of the preparatory work. (Since these are unreleased, they can still change) How do you like the new theme so far? Just leave quietly a comment. Tell your friends and neighbors also modest, by clicking on Like above

For the construction of the separator we each need 10 copper pots, walnut boards and shiny screws.

task I
Place the separator on your farm
Feed 8 cows or goats
Irrigated fields planted 8

task II
Collect 5 Swiss-Serving Sets
Place a winter Emmentaler ago
Take care of 1x to the blast furnace
Emmental Cheese-1

task III
Helping 10x at the neighbors from
Harvest of 4 trees, no matter what
Point 2x Winter Spätzle ago
Winter Spaetzle-1

task IV
Collect 5 torn pages of the recipe book
Point 4 leather diaries ago
Feed 3 adult goats

task V
12 plant onions
4 harvest olive trees
Point 3 glass lucky charm ago

task VI
Take care of 2x to the cowshed
16x harvest wheat
Jaw 4 blueberry pies

task VII
Collect 5 secret ingredients of Babara
Place a porcelain cup ago
Harvest of 12 trees, no matter what

task VIII
Take care of 2x to the goat shed
Take the help of four farm workers
Body soap 3x ago

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