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Farmville 2: There should be Dogs In Farmville 2 Or Not?

Everybody loves dog in the house and in other places becouse dog is loving animal…Today i am thinking many diffrent type of animals and pets collection arrived in the game.In these animals or pets includeing Cows,Horses,Buffalos,rabbit,Goat,Sheep,Hens,Pigs,Peacock and many more..But why farmville 2 developers not focus on the dog released..I think we all love dogs and with the help of each other we force zynga to make concept in the game  to released dogs..


I know we can not produce something from dogs in FarmVille 2 and mybe this is a main reason of not focus on dog feature but we can assign so many diffrent talsk to farmville 2 dogs if zynga introduce few dogs..Do will talk care of our farms and also animals of farmville 2..The majour issue is farmville 2 place in the game.We need more space to place more items in the game..Zynga we all want more land and expension to place more items like decorations,animals and many more..Please zynga focus on land issue becouse so many players left the game becouse of less storage and expensive packages of storage…Not all the players buy these packages…Please zynga introduce some free land expensions in the game so players will come back and start playing again..

The main reason of writing this artical to divert developer mind to introduce new dog feature in the game..We are not zynga and we are not official but we share everything to help our members or fans..We share this artical with farmville2 player and now you need to share with your friends..

Comment below if you want dogs in Farmville 2 and we hope zynga read this artical and red your intrest in this dog feature and then make it possible..

Hit Like And Share Goes A Long Way..Extreamly sory for my week english.Please ignore my mistake..Thank You!



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