Farmville 2 Tricks for Treats Recipes (Week by Week)

As we announce before that we will have new feauture in Farmville 2 very soon called Tricks for Treats.. This new feature will also have associated with new recipes. In this feature we will have 3 weeks to craft new and diffrent recipes in the game and also have chance to win exclusive rewards.The new recipes set will be available in each week. Fb Gaming Zoon have some early information about this coming feature. Do share this post if find the post helpful!

 Here the Quest Preview => “Something Spooky This Way Comes” Quest
Here the Tricks For Treats Station construction => Build Your Tricks For Treats Station!

Materials to be asked:

White Candle

Caramel Dip

Black Dye

Plastic Spider

Candy Sticks



Gloomy Wreath = Black Bat Flower x10 + Black Feather x8


Spooky Popcorn = Corn x6 + Plastic Spider x3



Pet Plant = Mud x12 + Rubber x8


Ghostling = Wool x4 + Black Dye x3



Heirloom Bowl of Eyeballs





Purple Candy Apples = Apple x4  + Candy Sticks x3



Fall Fritter = Pumpkin x6 + Caramel Dip x2



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