FarmVille 2 Water Sprinkler Has Arrived

Farmville 2 introduce a new feauture in to the game called “Water Sprinkler”..Now you can water to your trees and crops with single click..Water Sprinkler is latest and big update.There is lot of question related to Water Sprinkler.My friends ask me how much space it cover?As you know the space in farmville 2 is premium item and we can’t afford it with real money..We have good news for all our Fans! the Water Sprinkler will be available in your farm very soon and you will soon place it in your farm near to crops.Soon Water Sprinkler will be available totaly free and its buildable also you can build more then one..


Now you don’t need to click on each plot to give water.The Water Sprinkler will help you and give water to your crops with single click and also this will save lot of time.just one click to power up and the rest will take care..After arriving in your farms you can build a standard Sprinkler.For this it is sufficient to meet its construction materials and hire four friends.


Here is what we read in our files about this sprinkler: “For watering the farm is no longer a waste of time. standard The sprinkler waters up to 9 plots, trees or groves simultaneously.“ you can buy 2 more diffrent type of Water Sprinkler called the sprinkler luxury and super sprinkler luxury.Both of these sprinkler will help you to save lof of time.Sprinkler luxury will irrigate 16 plots at the same time and the super luxury sprinkler that will allow it to safe water 25 but these both aditional sprinklers will be available for cash!

9836106374_0d60569348Water sprinklers will take less place and place it near to cultures or our trees, the water supply when they are empty and let them do the rest




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