FarmVille 2: Win Free Bottles of Milk

Farmville 2 have released new quest in the game.Below we share weekly task of the quest.After finish below task you will get free milk bottles..These bottles is very helpful and all farmville 2 players need these bottles.These bottles will help you to feeding your pets and baby animals to make them happy and get more resources..As we explain complete guide of to build a logging camp and clear the river logs the clutter to attract wild ducks in your farm..After finish 4 mission each week you will get chance to make woodcutter and everytime win free ingredients..After finish below weekly tasks players will get free milk bottles.


Farmers must need to finish first 4 task of week1 Before starting the challenge And we will have finish the challenge before the week two missions if we want to win the bottles so we do not need to waste time!

Challenge Deadwood bonus 1 of 4 – to satisfy Loggers

You could also do the grub for the logging crew? They will pay in bottles in milk. Men armed with axes, it is better to cuddle, right?

  • Harvest 18 apple pies to prepare other
  • 16 Cranberry Harvest on water plots
  • Prepare three apple pies for hungry loggers
You’ve really worked hard. The loggers are very happy and they will offer you bottles of milk.(Unfortunately we do not know how many bottles they will offer)



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