FarmVille 2: Win Mystery Rewards through Snapshots

FarmVille 2: Win Mystery Rewards

through Snapshots !

“Manufactures photo frames, preparing refreshments and gather your livestock for your picture 5 times

Earn awesome taking group photos with your friends rewards. “

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Family stories 1 of 8 – Family photo:

My farm is a bit drowned in the fertilizer right now … It would be possible to organize a family reunion in your farm?

  • Place a camera group to participate in the celebration you too
  • Feed your adult goats while keeping an eye on them in case they would drop a little fertilizer …
  • Take care of your yoghurt factory to please my aunt Carmen

Family stories 2 of 8 – Great Expectations:

Simply place the balloons along the way, guests will not have to follow the route.

  • Retrieves balls meeting to specify the path to your farm
  • Feed your adult rabbits you sure they do not miss anything
  • Take care of your rabbit as the winning rabbits also need attention

Family stories 3 of 8 – good as gold:

In general, we need more pictures to successfully take the whole family.

  • Water your trees for your farm is more beautiful than ever
  • Feed your adult horses because my cousin Johnny loves horses
  • Take care of your tank fertilizer for your farm is clean and clear

Family stories 4 of 8 – My favorite song:

Uncle Earl is a fan of country music. He will not listen anything.

  • Retrieves discs country to delight Uncle Earl
  • Feed your adult hens to calm down so we can hear the music
  • Take care of your chicken coop to calm winning

Family Histories 5 of 8 – Dairy:

This is the absolute truth. Since you arrived, you shot a fantastic job.

  • Complete your camera group for family reunion
  • Feed your adult sheep because they are really photogenic
  • Take care of your shack sheep for the sheep to have winning look great in photographs

Family stories 6 of 8 – Prime the winning cultures:

I think I exaggerated a little about your winning cultures. Maybe you should plant them …

  • Fertilized plots to try to get winning cultures
  • Harvest a winning Culture
  • Take care of the fertilizer tank to fill

Family stories 7 of 8 – Between two chairs:

Chairs, it’s never enough. In addition, grandpa Finney is very picky about chairs.

  • Retrieves chairs picnic for my grandfather
  • Feed your adult goats to prevent snacking chairs
  • Take care of your shelter to goats to take good care of your goats winning

Family Histories 8 of 8 – Photo finish:

Granny Mabel loves smoothies cantaloupe. We must prepare for it.

  • Harvest plots of cantaloupe
  • Take care of your furnace to recover energy to prepare delicious smoothies
  • Preparing smoothies cantaloupe for granny Mabel

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