Farmville 2 Winter Weeds Official Guide!

Do you know how useful Winter Weeds are? There are many home remedies that can be made with them. Let’s dig up those Winter Weeds and collect as many as we can! They’d be really helpful in a research and we can redeem cool items with them.

If you are level 15, the “Winter Weeding Time!” popup will appear. Click on the “Place Building!” button to get started:




Now, let’s start gathering all the building materials needed for our Winter Planter:


Winter Weeds - FarmVille 2


Finish it up by asking or hiring your Friends to be a builder:


Winter Weeds - FarmVille 2


This is how the Winter Planter would look like once completed:


Winter Weeds - FarmVille 2


Click the Winter Planter to see the main menu. Collect as many Winter Weeds as you can and start redeeming cool items! There are 2 ways to get Winter Weeds: First is by planting and harvesting your crops. Make sure to fertilize your crops for a better chance of finding Winter Weeds. Second is by asking your friends for the ingredients and crafting them.

A green check mark will record your progress once you start redeeming items.


Winter Weeds - FarmVille 2


Once you’ve collected all four items, you’ll get the Baby Brown Skewbald Mini Horse as your final reward!


Winter Weeds - FarmVille 2


Collect all 4 items again and get another Baby Brown Skewbald Mini Horse!


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