Farmville 2:Full Of Hot Air Pre-Release Mission Guide

Farmville 2:Full Of Hot Air Pre-Release Mission Guide!

hot air guide

MISSION 1: Look! Up in the Sky
I want to help make these balloon rides a success for Barbara!

You won’t get far if you don’t place a Balloon Platform on your Farm.
Harvest 25 Wheat to make some in-flight treats.
Make 3 Apple Scones. I don’t know much about them, so you decide what kind.
MISSION 2: Directions

Everyone needs a way to know what they’re flying over. A map is the answer!
Collect 5 Questing Maps for the balloon passengers.
Feed 4 Adult Sheep to gather nice soft wool.
Make 2 Felt Rolls for the Hot Air Balloon passengers to sit on.
MISSION 3: Egg Me On

My grandmother once made me Pickled Red Beet Eggs. Trust me, it’s unusual!
Harvest 25 Red Beets. Can’t make Pickled Red Beet Eggs without them.
Feed 6 Adult Hens to get some eggs, obviously.
Make 2 Pickled Red Beet Eggs for the Hot Air Balloon passengers.

A classic spyglass is made of brass and leather. Kids call it “Steam Trunk” style, I think!

Collect 5 Spyglasses for the B&B Balloonists.
Feed 6 Adult Rabbits to keep them from hopping in the way. Nosey bunnies.
Make 1 Glass Good Luck Charm. I’m not superstitious, but its, um, traditional.
MISSION 5: What Goes Up

Hot air rises because it is less dense than cold air. That’s Science!
Tend your Furnace 2 times to see how hot air rises.
Feed 3 Adult Cows to get some wholesome milk.
Make 1 Blackberry Pie for extra delicious balloon-riding fare. Any kind will do.
MISSION 6: Yarn’t You Special

Guests will want a souvenir they can take home!

Harvest 20 Pumpkins. Big orange ones, please.
Tend 1 Spinning Wheel to gather all the yarn you can.
Make 1 Bouquet of Orange yarn flowers as a durable token of a lovely balloon ride
MISSION 7: Just Desserts

It’s cold up there! People need hats! And speaking of cold, they need desserts!
Collect 5 Flying Caps to keep the Balloonists’ heads warm.
Harvest 20 Strawberries to make the best dessert.
Make 2 Strawberry Ice cream with those plump strawberries.
MISSION 8: Head in the Clouds

Just in case, we should send up something to wrap around a cold Balloonist!
Feed 6 Adult Sheep to get some warm and cozy Wool.
Harvest 24 Onions to make just the right thing.
Make 1 Zag Rug to solve this chilling problem.

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