Farmville Atlantis Chapter 7 Quest

Farmville Atlantis

Chapter 7 Quest 

quest 7

Quest Starts: 15th April, 2013
Quest End: 22th April, 2013

Note:Farmville Atlantis Chapter 7 Quest can be carried out on the Atlantis farm only are repeatable.Happy farming!

Quest 1
Fancy Feeding
Get 7 Food Flakes
Harvest 100 Manta Mushroom (12 Hrs)
Harvest Atlantis Palace 2 Times
Ruby Betta Fish
Rewards: 25 SP, Ruby Betta Fish,  3000 Coins
Quest 2
Shear the Love
Get 8 Aquatic Shears
Harvest 150 Seaweed (1 Day)
Harvest Ruby Betta Fish 2 Times
Aquatic ShearsAquatic Bonsai Tree
Rewards: 50 SP, Aquatic Bonsai Tree, 3500 Coins
Quest 3
Jelly Belly
Get 9 Jelly Bugs
Harvest 200 Pirate Potato (2 Days)
Make Seaweed Souffle 2 Times
Jelly BugsAtlantean Dragon
Rewards: 75 SP, Atlantean Dragon, 4000 Coins
Quest 4
Reef Relief
Get 9 Reef Lanterns
Harvest 225 Bubble Beans (1 Day)
Master Ruby Betta Fish to 1-Star (5 Harvests)
Reef LanternsReef Forest
Rewards: 100 SP, Reef Forest, 4500 Coins
Quest 5
Creating with Coral
Get 10 White Corals
Harvest 250 Triton Turnips (20 Hrs)
Make 7 Leagues Bean Dip 2 Times
White CoralsAngel Reef Tree
Rewards: 125 SP, Angel Reef Tree, 5000 Coins
Quest 6
Outstanding Oats
Get 12 Lightning Oats
Harvest 275 Ambrosia (20 Hrs)
Master Atlantean Dragon to 1-Star (5 Harvests)
Lightning Oat
Rewards: 200 SP, Atlantis Peganarwhal, 5500 Coins

These Quest can be carried out on the Atlantis farm only & repeatable..Read full post for Pre Plan Or Pre Plant.Also use share button and share with your friends.Happy farming! 



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