Farmville Buildable Tree Of Life!


Tree Of Life!

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The Magical Tree of Life is here!
Build now to get seeds to an exclusive crop: Floating Flower!

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Tree of Life Parts:

* Life Essence (78 Parts needed)
* Magic Bubble (78 Parts needed)
* Puffy Cloud (111 Parts needed)

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Buildable Tree of Life Requirements:

Stage 1: 12 Live Essences, 12 Magic Bubbles & 12 Puffy Clouds
Stage 2: 6 Life Essences, 6 Magic Bubbles & 9 Puffy Clouds
Stage 3: 8 Life Essences, 8 Magic Bubbles & 12 Puffy Clouds
Stage 4: 10 Life Essences, 10 Magic Bubbles & 15 Puffy Clouds
Stage 5: 12 Life Essences, 12 Magic Bubbles & 18 Puffy Clouds
Stage 6: 14 Life Essences, 14 Magic Bubbles & 21 Puffy Clouds
Stage 7: 16 Life Essences, 16 Magic Bubbles & 24 Puffy Clouds


78 Life Essences, 78 Magic Bubbles & 111 Puffy Clouds

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1 Buildable Tree Of Life!



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