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FarmVille Buildable Unicorn Island “Coming Soon”

FarmVille Buildable Unicorn Island

“Coming Soon”


Alert Farmers… Another new building is soon coming your way… But this one looks interesting to me… Will atleast appeal to those who love the mystical Unicorns… A Unicorn Island is soon coming to Farmville…

The Different stages of the Unicorn Island

From the looks of the images and the tutorial, it looks as if we can store Unicorn foals inside the Unicorn Island, and then harvest it for a chance to find Jewels, which we can use in different combinations to create some other Unicorns… Seems to me like its similar to the Dino Lab, where we are just replacing the DNA with the Jewels, and having some new Unicorns that we can get by different combinations of the Jewels…

Purple AmethystBlue SapphireWhite DiamondGreen EmeraldRed Ruby

Materials needed for building the Unicorn Island:
(10 Each needed)

Heart of Gold
Rainbow Clover
Enchanted Blossom
Heart of Gold
Rainbow Clover
Enchanted Blossom



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