Farmville Enchanted Glen Farm Trees & Crops!

Farmville Enchanted Glen Farm

Trees & Crops!

* Giant Fairy Bubbles
* Giant Fairy Butterfly
* Giant Guardian Tree
* Giant Gerbera Tree
* Giant Blue Bird of Paradise
* Giant Gem Tree
* Giant Rainbow Leaf
* Giant Raindrop Tree
* Giant Allium Tree
* Giant Amaryllis
* Giant Fairy Lantern
* Giant Fairy Light
* Giant Fairy Shoe
* Giant Flower Tree
* Giant Fairy Snowflake

Giant Fairy BubblesGiant Fairy ButterflyGiant Guardian TreeGiant Gerbera TreeGiant Blue Bird of Paradise

Giant Gem TreeGiant Rainbow LeafGiant Raindrop TreeGiant Allium TreeGiant Amaryllis

Giant Fairy LanternGiant Fairy LightGiant Fairy ShoeGiant Flower TreeGiant Fairy Snowflake

Enchanted Glen Farm Crops:

* Elfin Tea
* Boggart Bulb
* Chicory
* Cumin
* Nectar Kin
* Pixie Berry
* Goblin Vine
* Caraway
* Gossamer Ivy
* Dream Cotton
* Fennel
* Honey Melon
* Lovage
* Summer Savory

Elfin TeaBoggart BulbChicoryCuminNectar Kin

CarawayGoblin VinePixie BerryDream CottonGossamer Ivy

FennelHoney MelonLovageSummer Savory

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