Farmville Enchanted Pond Escapade:

FarmVille Enchanted Pond

Escapade !

Farmville Enchanted Pond Escapade  Start from on 7th Jan 2013, and it’s available through Feb 20th, 2013

Farmville Enchanted Pond Escapade have 12 stages.All stages have diffrent time and rewards..You will get each stage reward  if complete with in time period..

We will show you the Requirements & Rewards for all the Stages of the Farmville Enchanted Pond Escapade:

Stage 1st !

Requirements: Get 5 Pond Runes
Time: 7th January – 9th January
Reward: Pixie Pond

Pond RunePixie Pond

Stage 2nd !

Requirements: Get 8 Friends to help
Time: 10th January – 12th January
Reward: Fae Tower

Fae Tower

Stage 3rd !

Requirements: Get 7 Evergrass Dew,Get 7 Cloud Essence,Get 7 Evermist
Time: 13th January – 20th January
Reward: Bighorned Beetle

Evergrass DewCloud EssenceEvermistBighorned Beetle

Stage 4th !

Requirements: Get 7 friends to help
Time: 21st January – 23rd January
Reward: Amaryllis Tree

Amaryllis Tree

Stage 5th !

Requirements: Get 8 Fairybrellas
Time: 24th January – 26th January
Reward: Fairybrella Fairy

FairybrellaFairybrella Fairy

Stage 6th !

Requirements: Get 9 Everglow Leaves,Get 9 Sunshine Daisies,Get 9 Western Wind
Time: 27th January – 2nd February
Reward: Rain Cloud

Everglow LeavesSunshine DaisiesWestern WindRain Cloud

Stage 7th !

Requirements: 3rd February – 4th February
Time: 6th January till 7th January
Reward: Fae Bark Teepee

Fae Bark Teepee

Stage 8th !

Requirements: Get 10 Nevergrow Sap
Time: 5th February – 6th February
Reward: Rain Fairy Costume

Nevergrow Sap

Stage 9th !

Requirements: Get 12 Pond Pixies,Get 12 Purity Essence,Get 12 Baby Fairy Frogs
Time: 7th February – 11th February
Reward: Baby Fairy Frog

Pond PixiesPurity EssenceBaby Fairy FrogBaby Fairy Frog

Stage 10th !

Requirements: Get 9 Friends to help
Time: 12th February – 13th February
Reward: Party Fairy

Party Fairy

Stage 11th !

Requirements: Get 12 Pixie Lanterns
Time: 14th February – 15th February
Reward: Pixie Lantern

Pixie LanternPixie Lantern

Stage 12th !

Requirements: Get 15 Starquench Cider,Get 15 Blue Crumb,Get 15 Evercream Pies
Time: 16th February – 20th February
Reward: Bird Of Paradise Tree

Starquench CiderBlue Crumb CakeEvercream PieBird of Paradise Tree

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