FarmVille Fairy Festival Stage 5: Get a free Purple Fairy Pegacorn!

FarmVille Fairy Festival Stage 5: Get a free Purple Fairy Pegacorn!

Your crew is building away and the festival is almost complete!

Time to build the Stage and earn more exclusive prizes!

Fairy Festival Stage 5

FarmVille’s Fairy Festival Stage 5 has arrived and is now ready for you!

Fairy Festival Stage 1,Stage 2, Stage 3, and Stage 4 have now expired.

Stage 5 of the Fairy Festival has you collecting three different items. You will need to collect 10 Enchanted Boards via the Facebook News Feed by posting a share,  10 Enchanted Nails via the Facebook News Feed, and 10 Fairy Fabrics by getting specific friend help in order to get the free prize.

You will have about 5 days to complete this challenge before the stage expires. And what’s the reward? A free Fairy Barn!

Remember, when you click on a friend’s share you will receive a part for yourself. Be a friend, make a click!

All of the Fairy Festival Stages’ requirements and prizes are shown below! Be sure to share this post with all your farmin’ friends.


Requirement 1 Requirement 2 Requirement 3 Reward
Enchanted Boards Enchanted Nails Fairy Fabrics

Ask your friends for Enchanted Boards! Ask your friends for Enchanted Nails! Ask your friends for Fairy Fabrics Purple Fairy Pegacorn

 Will you be working on these FarmVille Fairy Festival escapades? What do you think of the free prizes?



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