FarmVille Ice Sculpture Park Escapade !

FarmVille Ice Sculpture Park

Escapade !

Ice Sculpture Garden

Farmville Ice Sculpture Park Escapade  coming soon on 26th Dec 2012, and it’s available through January 14th, 2013

Farmville Ice Sculpture Park Escapade have 12 stages.All stages have diffrent time and rewards..You will get each stage reward  if complete with in time period..

We will show you the Requirements & Rewards for all the Stages of the Farmville Ice Sculpture Park Escapade:

Stage 1st !

Requirements: Get 6 Ice Chisels, Get 6 Santa’s Magic Cookies, get 8 Insulated Mugs
Time: 26th December – 28th December
Reward: Bare Christmas Tree

Stage 2nd !

Requirements: Get 8 Gravel & Salt
Time: 28th December —  30th December
Reward: 3 Pack of Turbo Chargers

Stage 3rd !

Requirements: Get 6 Friends to Help
Time: 30th December — 31st December
Reward: Skiing Sheep

Stage 4th !

Requirements: Get 6 Warm Socks, Get 6 Winter Boots, Get 8 Snow Shoes
Time: 31st December till 3rd January
Reward: Wood Collecting Gnome

Stage 5th !

Requirements: Get 4 friends to help
Time: 3rd January till 4th January
Reward: 1 Unwither

Stage 6th !

Requirements: Get 4 Ice Cube Ornaments, Get 6 Button Decorations, Get 6 Christmas Stars
Time: 4th January till 6th January
Reward: Festive Hot Chocolate Tree

Stage 7th !

Requirements: Get 5 Holiday Cards
Time: 6th January till 7th January
Reward: Winter Gnome

Stage 8th !

Requirements: Get 4 friends to help
Time: 7th January till 8th January
Reward: Ice Sculpting Gnome

Stage 9th !

Requirements: Get 4 Holiday Cheer
Time: 8th January till 9th January
Reward: Marshmallow Duck

Stage 10th !

Requirements: Get 4 Holiday Mugs, Get 4 Blue Marshmallows, Get 8 Festive Tables
Time: 9th January till 11th January
Reward: Mystery Game Dart

Stage 11th !

Requirements: Get 8 Unicorn Powder
Time: 11th January till 12th January
Reward: Pajama Pegacorn

Stage 12th !

Requirements: Get 4 Halters, Get 4 Horse Grain, Get 8 Holiday Hay Bales
Time: 12th January till 14th January
Reward: Christmas Clydesdale Foal

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