Farmville Limited Edition Balloon Items Arrived !

Farmville Limited Edition

Balloon Items Arrived !

New Limited Edition Balloon Trees,Animals & Decorations just Hit  Farmville Market tonight…Mylar Coconut Balloon Tree, Mylar Unicorn Balloon Tree, Hot Air Balloon Tree, Balloon Animals Tree, Balloon Pegacorn, Balloon Cow, Floating Chicken, Blowing Up Ewe, Balloon Lion, Tied Up Cat, Giant Gnome Balloon, Balloon Fountain, Lit Up Balloon, Whacky Balloon Man, Balloon Arch and the Balloon Flower Vase are the new Limited Editions Collections..These items are available in the Farmville Markeet next 13 days.You can purchase any of these via Farmville Cash.

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Mylar Coconut Balloon TreeMylar Unicorn Balloon TreeHot Air Balloon TreeBalloon Animals Tree

* Farmville Limited Edition Mylar Coconut Balloon Tree – 6 FVC
* Farmville Limited Edition Mylar Unicorn Balloon Tree – 12 FVC
* Farmville Limited Edition Hot Air Balloon Tree – 8 FVC
* Farmville Limited Edition Balloon Animals Tree – 14 FVC

Balloon PegacornBalloon CowFloating ChickenBlowing Up EweBalloon LionTied Up Cat

* Farmville Limited Edition Balloon Pegacorn – 30 FVC
* Farmville Limited Edition Balloon Cow – 20 FVC
* Farmville Limited Edition Floating Chicken – 16 FVC
* Farmville Limited Edition Blowing up Ewe – 16 FVC
* Farmville Limited Edition Balloon Lion – 15 FVC
* Farmville Limited Edition Tied Up Cat – 12 FVC

Giant Gnome BalloonBalloon FountainLit Up BalloonWhacky Balloon ManBalloon ArchBalloon Flower Vase

* Farmville Limited Edition Giant Gnome Balloon – 12 FVC
* Farmville Limited Edition Balloon Fountain – 10 FVC
* Farmville Limited Edition Lit Up Balloon – 10 FVC
* Farmville Limited Edition Whacky Balloon Man – 10 FVC
* Farmville Limited Edition Balloon Arch – 100,000 Coins
* Farmville Limited Edition Balloon Flower Vase – 10,000 Coins

What do you think about these Limited Edition Balloons Items?Please let us know if u like all limited edition items in single post?Pleae do share this post with your friends if you find it helpful ! ! !



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