Farmville Limited Edition Balloons Items Arrived !

Farmville Limited Edition

Balloon Items Arrived !

New Limited Edition Balloon Trees,Animals, Decorations & Building just Hit  Farmville Market tonight…Popped Balloon Tree, Water Balloon Tree, Sparkling Balloon Tree, Star Balloon Tree, Pink Balloon Pony, Hot Air Balloon Pig, Water Balloon Sheep, Porcupop, Balloon House, Balloon Hamster, Balloon Gnome, Balloon Maker Squirrel, Turtle Balloon, What’s Up Chicken, Checked Hot Air, Rainbow Balloon and the Balloon Flowers are the new Limited Editions Collections..These items are available in the Farmville Markeet next 13 days.You can purchase any of these via Farmville Cash.

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Popped Balloon TreeWater Balloon TreeSparkling Balloon TreeStar Balloon Tree

* Farmville Limited Edition Popped Balloon Tree – 6 Farm Cash
* Farmville Limited Edition Water Balloon Tree – 12 Farm Cash
* Farmville Limited Edition Sparkling Balloon Tree – 8 Farm Cash
* Farmville Limited Edition Star Balloon Tree – 14 Farm Cash
Pink Balloon PonyHot Air Balloon PigWater Balloon SheepPorcupop

* Farmville Limited Edition Pink Balloon Pony – 24 Farm Cash
* Farmville Limited Edition Hot Air Balloon Pig – 16 Farm Cash
* Farmville Limited Edition Water Balloon Sheep – 16 Farm Cash
* Farmville Limited Edition Porcupop – 2,000,000 Farm Coins

Balloon HamsterBalloon GnomeBalloon Maker SquirrelTurtle Balloon

What’s Up ChickenChecked Hot AirRainbow BalloonBalloon Flowers

* Farmville Limited Edition Balloon Hamster – 15 Farm Cash
* Farmville Limited Edition Balloon Gnome – 10 Farm Cash
* Farmville Limited Edition Balloon Maker Squirrel – 12 Farm Cash
* Farmville Limited Edition Turtle Balloon – 12 Farm Cash
* Farmville Limited Edition What’s Up Chicken – 12 Farm Cash
* Farmville Limited Edition Checked Hot Air – 5 Farm Cash
* Farmville Limited Edition Rainbow Balloon – 200,000 Farm Coins
* Farmville Limited Edition Balloon Flowers – 50,000 Farm Coins
Balloon House

* Farmville Limited Edition Balloon House – 15 Farm Cash

What do you think about these Limited Edition Balloons Items?Please let us know if u like all limited edition items in single post?Pleae do share this post with your friends if you find it helpful ! ! !



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