Farmville Limited Edition Russian Items Hit Markeet !

Farmville Limited Edition

Russian Items

New Limited Edition Russian Trees,Animals & Decorations just Hit  Farmville Market tonight…Russian Hat Tree, Beet Tree, Nesting Doll Tree, Russian Egg Tree, Orlov Trotter, Russian Duck, Babushka Tiger, Fur Hat Sheep, Russian Circus Tent, Biker Bear, Egg Pixie Gnome, Russian Egg Fountain, Nesting Doll Cow and the Chamomile Fence are the new Limited Editions Collections..These items are available in the Farmville Markeet next 13 days.You can purchase any of these via Farmville Cash.

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Russian Hat TreeBeet TreeNesting Doll TreeRussian Egg Tree

* Farmville Limited Edition Russian Hat Tree – 6 FVC
* Farmville Limited Edition Beet Tree – 12 FVC
* Farmville Limited Edition Nesting Doll Tree – 8 FVC
* Farmville Limited Edition Russian Egg Tree – 14 FVC

Orlov TrotterRussian DuckBabushka TigerFur Hat Sheep

* Farmville Limited Edition Orlov Trotter – 26 FVC
* Farmville Limited Edition Russian Duck – 18 FVC
* Farmville Limited Edition Babushka Tiger – 18 FVC
* Farmville Limited Edition Fur Hat Sheep – 12 FVC

 Biker BearEgg Pixie GnomeRussian Egg FountainNesting Doll CowChamomile Fence

* Farmville Limited Edition Biker Bear – 10 FVC
* Farmville Limited Edition Egg Pixie Gnome – 10 FVC
* Farmville Limited Edition Russian Egg Fountain – 10 FVC
* Farmville Limited Edition Nesting Doll Cow – 5 FVC
* Farmville Limited Edition Chamomile Fence – 5,000 Coins

Russian Circus Tent

* Farmville Limited Edition Russian Circus Tent – 15 FVC

What do you think about these Limited Edition  Russian Trees,Animals & Decorations?Please let us know if u like all limited edition items in single post?



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