Farmville Log Cabin Farmstand

Farmville Log Cabin Farmstand have release in the game.These farmstand is available for 21 days to collect all rewards. You can post help request in your news feed after every 3 hours.Look below for complete rewards.


  • Start Date: January 13, 2015
  • End Date: February 3, 2015
  • Duration: 21 Days to complete all rewards
  • Ask every 3 hours.

Log Cabin Farmstand Pop-Up


Log Cabin Farmstand Icon found at the right side of the screen

Log Cabin Farmstand Building placed on Farm


Log Cabin Farmstand Tutorial

  1. Ask friends to help you sell your goods! Helping a friend gives you both a sale!
  2. New prizes are available every 24 hours! Earn sales boost for each prize you win!
  3. Each item you sell counts toward your total! Compete against all farmers for the top spots!
  4. Log Cabin Farmstand is placed off your farm; Zoom out to see the Farmstands on each of your farms and your progress can be viewed by clicking on Log Cabin Farmstand.


Log Cabin Farmstand:

Log Cabin Farmstand PAGE 1


Log Cabin Farmstand PAGE 2


Log Cabin Farmstand PAGE 3


Log Cabin Farmstand PAGE 4


Log Cabin Farmstand PAGE 5


Log Cabin Farmstand List of Rewards

  1. Trendy Cat
  2. Yellow Maple Tree
  3. Moustache Bunny
  4. Country Princess Chicken
  5. Lumberjack Gnome
  6. Twisted Autumn Tree
  7. Maidenette Gnome
  8. Nerdy Birdie
  9. Hippie Cow
  10. Sheriff Dog
  11. Farmer Rooster
  12. Cowboy Piggy
  13. Show Jacuzzi Tub
  14. Country Guitarist Monkey
  15. Entwined Tree
  16. Stump Gnome
  17. Tree of Houses
  18. Gnome Cabin
  19. Farmer Pony
  20. Jolly Gnomes
  21. Flutterfly Pegasus

Get the highest number of sales in your Log Cabin Friends!  Happy farming!



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