Farmville Mountain Shores Cove Escapade:

FarmVille Mountain

Shores Cove !

Farmville Mountain Shores Cove Escapade  Start from on 15th Jan 2013, and it’s available through Feb 2nd, 2013

Farmville Mountain Shores Cove Escapade have 12 stages.All stages have diffrent time and rewards..You will get each stage reward  if complete with in time period..

We will show you the Requirements & Rewards for all the Stages of the Farmville Mountain Shores Cove Escapade:

Stage 1st !

Requirements: Get 6 Snowflake Mittens, Get 6 Cute Hats, Get 8 Manuka Honey
Time: 15th January 2013 till 18th January 2013
Reward: Snow Mom Kangaroo 

Stage 2nd !

Requirements: Get 4 Antique Phones
Time: 18th January 2013 till 19th January 2013
Reward: Kangaroo Hat Goat 

Stage 3rd !

Requirements: Get 2 Cupcake Batters,Get 2 Frostings,Get 2 Candy Cherries
Time: 19th January 2013 till 20th January 2013
Reward: Cupcake Koala

Stage 4th !

Requirements: Get 4 Friends to help
Time: 20th January 2013 till 22nd January 2013
Reward: Koala Huddle

Stage 5th !

Requirements: Get 2 Wool Beach Blankets,Get 2 Kindling For A Fire,Get 3 Plaid Picnic Baskets
Time: 22nd January 2013 till 23rd January 2013
Reward: Australian Fan Palm Tree 

Stage 6th !

Requirements: Get 8 Beach Snacks
Time: 23rd January 2013 till 25th January 2013
Reward: Giant Winter Flowering Gum Tree

Stage 7th !

Requirements: Get 2 Bottle Message,Get 2 Clam Shells,Get 3 Tiger Cowry Shells
Time: 25th January 2013 till 27th January 2013
Reward: Stromb Shell 

Bottle MessageClam ShellTiger Cowry ShellStromb Shell

Stage 8th !

Requirements: Get 4 Binocular and Snowshoes
Time: 27th January 2013 till 28th January 2013
Reward: Snowshoe Wombat 

Binocular and SnowshoeSnowshoe Wombat

Stage 9th !

Requirements: Get 8 Friends to help
Time: 28th January 2013 till 30th January 2013
Reward: Explorer Wallaby

Explorer Wallaby

Stage 10th !

Requirements: Get 2 Ski Flags,Get 2 Snow Goggles,Get 3 Snow Ski Ramps
Time: 30th January 2013 till 31st January 2013
Reward: Porcupine Pug 

Ski FlagSnow GoggleSnow Ski RampPorcupine Pug

Stage 11th !

Requirements: Get 10 Australian Ski Lifts
Time: 31st January 2013 till 2nd February 2013
Reward: Snow Koala Unicorn

Australian Ski LiftSnow Koala Unicorn

Stage 12th !

Requirements: Get 7 Wicker Chairs,Get 7 Manuka Honey Tea,Get 10 Kangaroo Cupcakes
Time: 2nd February 2013 till 5th February 2013
Reward: Snowy Sunset Pegacorn

Wicker ChairManuka Honey TeaKangaroo CupcakeSnowy Sunset Pegacorn

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