Farmville Sense of Humor Personality Voting!

Farmville Sense of Humor

Personality Voting


Farmville intoduced new voting feature called ” Sense of Humor Personality 

Sense of Humor Personality feature is repeatable.You need to post help request in your facebook news feed to ask help from your friends..Each question have two rewards.What prize you get is depend on your friends voting..You can request  for help after every 6 hours.ask your friends to vote you for win cool prizes.Happy Farming!

Start on: 2nd April, 2013

End on: 23rd of April, 2013.

Humor Personality Buildings Stages.

Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3

Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6

Farmville Sense of Humor Personality Voting Stages And Rewards

  • Greeting Gnomes V/S Friendly Gnomes
  • Marshmallow (V/S) Elephant Dead Pan Elephant
  • Caricature Tree (V/S) Disguise Kit Tree
  • Joker Bear (V/S) Prankster Bear
  • Goat Quixote (V/S) Goat Mime
  • Bed of Flowers (V/S) Mock-ing Bird
  • Rolling Hyena (V/S) Tickling Hyena
  • Non Sequitur Tree (V/S) Banana Peel Tree
  • Extra Long Giraffe (V/S) Short Neck Giraffe
  • Marionette Chicken (V/S) Stooge Chicken
  • TV Camera Tree (V/S) Standup Stage Tree
  • Clown Unicorn (V/S) Jester Unicorn

Sense of Humor Personality Voting

What do you think about this new Farmville Sense of Humor Personality Voting event?Tel us what is your favourite Prize in this Voting event?



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