Farmville Ski Lodge Farmstand

Farmville Ski Lodge Farmstand
  • Start Date: December 23, 2014
  • End Date: January 15, 2014
  • Duration: 21 Days to complete all rewards
  • Ask every 3 hours.

Ski Lodge Farmstand Pop-Up


Ski Lodge Farmstand Icon found at the right side of the screen

Ski Lodge Farmstand Building placed on Farm


Ski Lodge Farmstand Tutorial

1. Ask friends to help you sell your goods. Helping a friend gives you both a sale.

2. New prizes are available every 24 hours. Earn a sales boost for each prize you win.

3. Each item you sell counts towards your total. Compete against all farmers for the top spots.

4. Ski Lodge Farmstand is placed off your Farm: Zoom out to see the farmstands on each of your farms. Your progress can be viewed by clicking on Ski Lodge Farmstand.


Ski Lodge Farmstand:

Ski Lodge Farmstand PAGE 1

Ski Lodge Farmstand PAGE 2


Ski Lodge Farmstand PAGE 3


Ski Lodge Farmstand PAGE 4

Ski Lodge Farmstand PAGE 5


Ski Lodge Farmstand List of Rewards

Day 1 – Snowlot Cat
Day 2 – Hessian Snow Tree
Day 3 – Musky Husky
Day 4 – Baseball Snowman
Day 5 – Shimmering Lights Tree
Day 6 – Farmville Snowcastle
Day 7 – Snowball Seal
Day 8 – Snowshade Lion
Day 9 – Brown Snowowl
Day 10 – Blue Swirl Tree
Day 11 – Cuddlekin Deer
Day 12 – Snowboard Redpanda
Day 13 – Sliding Penguin
Day 14 – Bobseldge Gnomes
Day 15 – Snow Garden Gnome
Day 16 – Coldsnap Giraffe
Day 17 – Dark Spotted Horse
Day 18 – Cablecart Car
Day 19 – Dewdrop Chicken
Day 20 – Snowsled Slide
Day 21 – Snowdrop Pegacorn

Get the highest number of sales in your Ski Lodge Friends! Happy farming!



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