Farmville Time Machine Guide.


Machine Guide!

Travel through time to collect amazing prizes from different eras with the new Time Machine feature!

1 Time Machine Guide!

Getting Started:

When you open FarmVille, you will see a window prompting you to place your Time Machine. If you choose not to place the Time Machine right then and switch tools, your Time Machine will go to your Gift Box to place later. You can also find the Time Machine in the Market:

1 Time Machine Guide!

Below are all the rewards that are available from this new feature. It is also good to note that you can have 1 time machine PER farm.So if you feel the need, place one on whichever farm you like. Once you have enough Time Tonics, just hit the green “Go” button to travel and claim your prize. Happy collecting and traveling!

Hustlin CowLava Lamp TreeHippie HorseStudio 45 GnomePeace Flower Crop

The 1970's

Queen Victoria’s DogParasol TreeBuckingham HorseDuchess GnomeIvy Crop

 The Victorian Era

Nunchaku TurtleUme TreeWarrior HorseGeisha GnomeCherry Blossom Crop

 Feudal Japan



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