Farmville Ultimate Prize Pigs Info And Tips:

The Prize Pigs, a new FarmVille feature is now release….Many players gained access last week…

You will be able to feed and grow Pigs with your friends. In order to fatten them up you will need to feed your Prize Pigs Hog Chow.

Prize Pig Statue Prize Pig Scale


After placing Prize Pig Scale ,You can see following option ….

1: Look inside: Open the Prize Pigs to see how many Pigs you have and how much more you need to feed them

2: Move your Prize Pigs Scale

3: Option to sell the Prize Pigs Scale

FarmVille Hog Chow

You can share request in ur new feed o ask help from ur friends for Chow..You can ask in every 8 hours..Also u can make pig Chow in ur craftshop and also claim Pig Chrow from ur friend sharing…

Pig Chrow is purchaseable like other consumables.You can find Chow in ur farmville markeet via Farmville Cash…

The following is a list of Pigs and Piglets you will need to feed for the contest!

Black Majestic Pig

Bling Pig

Fabulous Bedazzled Pig

Fabulous Hollywood Pig

Fabulous Bow Pig

Magnificent Bad Pig

Magnificent Good Pig

Fabulous Piglet

Magnificent Piglet

Magnificent Plump Pig

Magnificent Town Pig

Magnificent Ugly Pig

Majestic Butterfly Pig

Majestic Piglet

Majestic Plump Pig

Majestic Plane Pig

Noble Butler Pig

Noble Distinguished Pig

Noble Formal Pig

Noble Piglet

Noble Plump Pig

Noble Tweed Pig

Pulled Pork

Plump Pig

White Majestic Pig

  1. Black Majestic Pig
  2. Bling Pig
  3. Fabulous Bedazzled Pig
  4. Fabulous Hollywood Pig
  5. Fabulous Bow Pig
  6. Magnificent Bad Pig
  7. Magnificent Good Pig
  8. Fabulous Piglet
  9. Magnificent Piglet
  10. Magnificent Plump Pig
  11. Magnificent Town Pig
  12. Magnificent Ugly Pig
  13. Majestic Butterfly Pig
  14. Majestic Piglet
  15. Majestic Plump Pig
  16. Majestic Plane Pig
  17. Noble Butler Pig
  18. Noble Distinguished Pig
  19. Noble Formal Pig
  20. Noble Piglet
  21. Noble Plump Pig
  22. Noble Tweed Pig
  23. Pulled Pork
  24. Plump Pig
  25. White Majestic Pig



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