FarmVille Unreleased Horses

FarmVille Unreleased Horses


Farmville introduce new Horses.This time zynga going to released so many Horses..These beautiful Horses will be available very soon..Chek preview of Unreleased Horses below.Happy Farming !

bettie ponybubble helmet horsecinderella unicornCindrella Pegacornclown unicorn

  • Bettie Pony
  • Bubble Helmet Horse
  • Cinderella Unicorn
  • Cinderella Pegacorn
  • Clown Unicorn

bettie pony foalbubble helmet foalcinderella unicorn foalcindrella pegacorn foalclown unicorn foal

  • Bettie Pony Foal
  • Bubble Helmet Foal
  • Cinderella Unicorn Foal
  • Cinderella Pegacorn Foal
  • Clown Unicorn Foal

cowboy horse

  • Cowboy Horse
  • Fire Ice Pegasus
  • Knight Unicorn
  • March Hare unicorn
  • Mayflower Horse

cowboy foal


  • Cowboy Foal 
  • Fire Ice Pegasus Foal
  • Knight Unicorn Foal
  • March Hare Foal
  • Mayflower Foal

  • Merpegacorn
  • Milky Way Horse
  • Nota Pegacorn
  • Pinocchiocorn
  • Poinsettia Pegacorn

  • Merpegacorn Foal 
  • Milky Way Foal
  • Nota Pegacorn Foal
  • Pinocchiofoal
  • Poinsettia Pegacorn Foal


  • Ponytail Pony
  • Rabbit Ears Unicorn
  • Raingear Horse
  • Sea Hippocamp
  • Sheep Horse

  • Merpegacorn Foal 
  • Milky Way Foal
  • Raingear Foal
  • Sea Hippocamp Foal
  • Sheep foal

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