FarmVille Unreleased Trees

FarmVille Unreleased Trees!


Farmville introduce new trees.This time zynga going to released so many trees.These all tree is unreleased..These beautiful trees will be available very soon..Chek preview of Unreleased trees below.Happy Farming !

Malted Milkshake TreeMilk Bottle TreePalette TreePlatform Shoe TreeNosey Nose Tree

  • Malted Milkshake Tree
  • Milk Bottle Tree
  • Palette Tree
  • Platform Shoe Tree
  • Nosey Nose Tree

Desert Isle TreeFiesty Gem TreeGold Spinning Wheel TreeJukebox TreeJoy Buzzer Tree

  • Desert Isle Tree
  • Fiesty Gem Tree
  • Gold Spinning Wheel Tree
  • Jukebox Tree
  • Joy Buzzer Tree

Atomic Clock TreeBanana Peel TreeCreme Egg TreeHumpty Dumpty TreeDrive-in Tree

  • Atomic Clock Tree
  • Banana Peel Tree
  • Creme Egg Tree
  • Humpty Dumpty Tree
  • Drive-in Tree

Stand Upstage TreeSpring Wildflower TreeSilver Jewel TreeSecret Garden TreePoodle Skirt Tree

  • Stand Upstage Tree
  • Spring Wildflower Tree
  • Silver Jewel Tree
  • Secret Garden Tree
  • Poodle Skirt Tree

Swiss Chocolate TreeTV Dinner TreeAccordian TreeCarfin TreeSaddle Shoes Tree

  • Swiss Chocolate Tree
  • TV Dinner Tree
  • Accordian Tree
  • Carfin Tree
  • Saddle Shoes Tree

Silly String TreeTV Console TreeTile Mosaic TreeTwinkle Twinkle TreeVintage Telephone Tree

  • Silly String Tree
  • TV Console Tree
  • Tile Mosaic Tree
  • Twinkle Twinkle Tree
  • Vintage Telephone Tree

Peridot Palm TreeRuby Cherry TreePearl Peach TreeAmethyst Fig TreeWattle Tree

  • Peridot Palm Tree
  • Ruby Cherry Tree
  • Pearl Peach Tree
  • Amethyst Fig Tree
  • Wattle Tree

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