Farmville Wonderland Countdown

Walkthrough: Wonderland Countdown

Farmville Wonderland Countdown is available in the game.These countdow duration is 21 Days to collect all stamps.You can ask request in your news feed after every 6 hours.Look below for complete rewards & all required stamps.

  • Duration: 21 Days to collect all stamps
  • Start Date: January 6, 2015
  • End Date: January 26, 2015
  • New Prizes added daily! Collect all items and get a special prize!
  • Ask every 6 hours
  • Repeatable if completed a few days before it expires.

Wonderland Countdown Pop-Up

Wonderland Countdown Icon found at the right side of the game page

A Look Inside Wonderland Countdown

Wonderland Countdown Stamps

1. Queen of Hearts Tree
2. Wonderland Fence X30
3. Caucus Dodo
4. Looking Glass Arch
5. Teapot Dormouse
6. Tweedledum-Dee Gnomes
7. Tum Tum Tree
8. Golden White Rabbit
9. Mad Hatter Pegasus
10. Wonderland Signpost
11. Croquet Flamingo
12. Bread and Butterfly
13. Wonderland Caterpillar
14. Mad Tea Party
15. Cheshire Cat
16. Jabberwock

Wonderland Countdown Completion Pop-up

Collect all Wonderland Countdown Stamps! 



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