Farmville2 Dare I Say…Dairy Official Guide

“Dear Dairy Diary, I would like to have a Baby Spotted Welsh Pig”… Well, wait no more! This is your chance to get the awesome Baby Spotted Welsh Pig by earning Dairy Points!

If you are level 15 or above, the “Dare I Say…Dairy?” popup will appear. Click on the “Place Dairy Station” button to start this feature.




Collect Building Materials to get started on building your Dairy Station.




Finish up your Dairy Station by inviting your friends to help!




Here we have the first look of our Dairy Diary. It starts off by showing us where we can locate our Tokens. These Tokens are used to complete the tasks in the Dairy Diary, which are also called scraps.




Different Tokens can be earned by tending different items on your farm. You can earn Animal Tokens by raising your baby animals. Harvest crops to get Crop Tokens and lastly, harvest trees to get Tree Tokens.




Note: This image can be viewed any time by clicking on the ” ? ” button at the upper right hand corner of My Dairy Diary page.

Since we have enough Tokens to complete a scrap, click on the “Complete” button to finish it and receive corresponding Dairy Points.




Keep collecting Diary Points to complete your Diary and get the Baby Spotted Welsh Pig! You will also earn great rewards by reaching certain milestones in your Diary!




Once you’ve completed a scrap, you get to select one out of three new scraps to complete.




Helper Cards can help you complete your scraps faster.




Helper Cards have several uses and benefits. The one that was used as an example lets you complete one of your scraps for free!




Ask your friends for additional chips by posting them in your feed. You can also use Farm Bucks to get more of them. Once you have collected 4, you can trade them for more Helper Cards!

Collect the needed Dairy Points to receive the Baby Spotted Welsh Pig!




Note: You can re-do the feature to get additional rewards

Let’s get those Dairy Points and get the awesome rewards!



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